Active Tags technologies

Active Tags is a set of specifications that allow to use XML tags as actions to perform.

Active Tags specifies a framework for Native XML Programming where usual procedure-oriented sentences can be mixed with declarative sentences.



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Working drafts

work in progress Active Tags  (core)   2006-03-29
work in progress XCL  (core)   2010-02-18
work in progress EXP  (core)   2007-12-29
work in progress Active Schema Language  (core)   2006-03-29
work in progressActive Data Types  (core)   2006-08-22
work in progress Active Catalog  (core)   2006-07-26
work in progress Active Tags glossary  (related)   2006-08-02
work in progress I/O  (module)   2007-11-26
work in progress RDBMS  (module)   2006-03-29
work in progress System  (module)   2006-03-29
work in progress Web  (module)   2008-06-12


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Active Tags tightly integrates XML technologies in an extensible, powerful, and efficient machinery that offers means to handle with ease XML materials and other non-XML materials like if they were XML. The core Active Tags technologies provides :

  • a language (XCL) for general purpose usages
  • a language (EXP) for customization and extensions definitions
  • a schema language (the Active Schema Language) that covers assertions expected on a document class with a greater efficiency than other schema technologies. ASL is a major application of Active Tags.
  • a strong integration with data types (Active Datatypes) compliant with W3C XML Schema's.
  • a catalog technology (Active Catalog) compliant with Oasis' XML Catalog.

Active Tags works with all the above core components and other specialized components -called modules- that cover usual features such as I/O, RDBMS, Web...

Active Tags is the smartest way to put them all together.


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  • [RefleX] : a Java Active Tags engine that implements many optional modules (Web, RDBMS...)